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   TREE CARE,       


Deep Root & Surface Bed Fertilization

In a natural enviroment, untouched by human practices, trees and shrubs are fed by the decomposition of fallen leaves.  Sidewalks, streets, driveways decrease the amounts of oxygen intake in plant soils while the raking of lawns deprive trees and shrubs of the nutrients they need.    So chances are if you have a nicely manicured lawn your trees and shrubs could be thirsty!  The application of tree care through Deep Root Feeding & Surface Bed Drenches improves root growth, plant vigor and boosts plant immunity.

Ready to feed your trees?


Properly aerated soil is neccesary for a tree's root system to function naturally.


Highly compacted soil around a tree can cause soil degridation, poor water absorption that leads to more water runoff.  Aeration using an AirSpade allows direct access to the critical root zone and the root feeding field that has been covered and smothered over time without damaging or cutting any of the existing roots.  After AirSpading the soil 6-10 inches in depth and opening up the root flare at the trunk of the tree.  The finising touch is to add our fertilization and a compost mulch top layer around your tree. 

Let your trees breathe!

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